How to Get Speaking Opportunities at Crypto Conferences

Securing speaking opportunities at crypto conferences can be a valuable way to share your expertise, showcase your projects, and build your reputation within the blockchain community. Here are some steps you can take to increase your chances of getting speaking opportunities at crypto conferences:

1. Establish Your Expertise

  • Build a Strong Portfolio: Develop a portfolio of your work, including research papers, projects, articles, or open-source contributions, to demonstrate your expertise and credibility in the blockchain space.
  • Specialize in a Niche: Focus on a specific niche or area of expertise within blockchain technology, such as smart contract development, decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, or privacy-preserving technologies, to differentiate yourself and attract speaking opportunities.

2. Network and Engage with the Community

  • Attend Conferences and Meetups: Participate in crypto virtual conferences, meetups, webinars, and industry events to network with organizers, speakers, and fellow attendees, and to stay updated on upcoming speaking opportunities.
  • Engage on Social Media: Actively engage with the blockchain community on social media platforms, forums, and online communities, sharing insights, contributing to discussions, and showcasing your expertise to increase visibility and attract attention from conference organizers.

3. Submit Proposals and Abstracts

  • Monitor Call for Papers: Keep an eye out for conference announcements and calls for papers (CFPs) soliciting speaker proposals or abstract submissions, and submit proposals that align with the conference theme, agenda, or target audience.
  • Craft Compelling Abstracts: Write clear, concise, and compelling abstracts outlining your proposed talk, highlighting the significance, relevance, and key takeaways for attendees, and showcasing your unique perspective or insights.

4. Demonstrate Value to Organizers

  • Offer Unique Insights: Propose topics or presentations that offer unique insights, perspectives, or solutions to pressing challenges or emerging trends in the blockchain industry, demonstrating the value you can bring to the conference agenda.
  • Highlight Your Audience Appeal: Emphasize your ability to attract and engage with the conference audience by showcasing your speaking experience, communication skills, and audience engagement techniques.

5. Collaborate with Partners and Sponsors

  • Partner with Organizations: Collaborate with blockchain organizations, industry associations, or academic institutions as a speaker, panelist, or representative to leverage their networks, resources, and promotional channels to secure speaking opportunities.
  • Engage Conference Sponsors: Reach out to conference sponsors or exhibitors to explore partnership opportunities that may include speaking slots, panel participation, or sponsored sessions aligned with their interests or objectives.

6. Provide Evidence of Previous Speaking Experience

  • Showcase Past Engagements: Highlight your previous speaking engagements, conference presentations, panel discussions, or workshop facilitation experience on your resume, website, or professional profiles to demonstrate your ability to deliver engaging and informative presentations.
  • Request Recommendations: Collect testimonials or recommendations from event organizers, attendees, or fellow speakers endorsing your speaking abilities, expertise, and professionalism to strengthen your credibility and appeal to conference organizers.

7. Be Persistent and Follow Up

  • Follow Up on Submissions: After submitting your proposal or abstract, follow up with conference organizers to confirm receipt, express your interest, and inquire about the selection process or timeline for speaker notifications.
  • Be Persistent but Respectful: Be persistent in pursuing speaking opportunities, but respect the decision-making process of conference organizers and be gracious in accepting feedback or rejections.

8. Prepare for Auditions or Interviews

  • Audition or Interview Process: Some conferences may require auditions, interviews, or screening sessions to evaluate potential speakers before finalizing the conference agenda. Prepare for these opportunities by rehearsing your presentation, refining your talking points, and demonstrating your speaking skills and subject matter expertise.

9. Stay Flexible and Adaptable

  • Be Flexible with Topics: Be open to adapting your presentation topics, formats, or delivery methods based on the preferences, needs, or constraints of conference organizers, and be willing to tailor your content to suit different audience demographics or event formats.
  • Offer Alternative Formats: Propose alternative formats, such as panel discussions, fireside chats, workshops, or interactive sessions, to showcase your expertise and engage with attendees in dynamic and engaging ways.

10. Provide Value Beyond the Stage

  • Offer Additional Value: Demonstrate your commitment to providing value to conference attendees by offering to participate in Q&A sessions, networking events, mentoring sessions, or post-conference follow-ups to continue the conversation and provide additional insights or support.

By following these strategies and actively pursuing speaking opportunities within the blockchain community, you can increase your visibility, expand your network, and position yourself as a thought leader and influencer in the field of blockchain technology. Remember to stay persistent, keep refining your speaking skills, and leverage every opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with others.

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