How to Identify Your Hair Type

Figuring out your human body wave hair kind is vital for its care, upkeep, therapy and styling. Surprisingly, not many people know the kind of our personal hair. This ends in selecting the fallacious sort of hair merchandise, which aren’t meant for our hair kind, and therefore we don’t get the specified outcomes.

Step one to determine your hair is to determine your pores and skin kind. The scalp exhibits the identical behaviour as of your pores and skin. You probably have dry, regular, oily, regular to dry or regular to oily pores and skin, your scalp additionally follows the identical sample. Hair varieties are often the identical as pores and skin varieties; however they’re additional labeled as straight, wavy, curly, thick or skinny.

Regular hair is shiny and a balanced secretion of oil from the glands is within the scalp. Dry hair is susceptible to wreck and have a tendency to interrupt out due to inadequate oil secretions from the glands. This sort of hair is coarse and tough and requires correct conditioning. Oily hair has extremely lively oil glands, which secrete lots of oil. Oily hair can also be shiny but it surely wants frequent washing; in any other case, the oil glands clog as a result of dust and might even entice bacterial infections.

Human hair might be straight, wavy or curly. Variations happen in every kind of hair kind, and that is the rationale why each human being has totally different hair from his fellow beings. To determine the hair kind, one ought to wash the hair with regular shampoo and permit it to dry with out utilizing towel or hair dryer. As soon as your hair is dried fully, you might be able to determine your hair kind.

Your hair is one or mixture of the next patterns:
1. Flat and straight
2. Little physique however no wave
3. Two or three waves however total straight
4. Unfastened waves
5. Distinct waves
6. Slight curls
7. Plenty of unfastened spiral curls
8. Bouncy curls
9. Tight curls
10. Tight S-shaped curls
11. Tight S-shaped curls falling in zigzag sample.

As soon as you identify the sort and extent of wave or curl in your locks, you possibly can transfer on to the following step. Discover out the thickness of a single strand of your coat and of you total curl. For this, take a clear single strand of your coat and maintain it in entrance of your eyes. Whether it is barely seen, or felt along with your fingers, it’s positive hair. Medium coat is seen and felt simply along with your fingers however it’s nonetheless gentle like a cotton ball; coarse hair is thicker, undoubtedly seen and feels slippery and wiry when held between fingers.

To determine the general thickness of your coat, collect your hair in a pony tail and measure the circumference. Skinny hair will measure much less or equal to 2 inches; regular coat will probably be between 2-4 inches; and thick hair will probably be 4-4+inches.

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