Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges 101

Swimming pool filter cartridges are the silent companions that assist preserve your pool’s water glowing clear, clear and contemporary. Pool filter cartridges work 24 hours a day filtering out even the smallest particles and sediment out of your pool’s water.

There are three kinds of swimming pool cartridge filter supplier, sand, cartridge and DE (diatomaceous earth). On this article we’re specializing in cartridge filters however for the sake of clarification I’ll give a short overview of all three sorts.

Sand Filters

Sand filters take away impurities by utilizing sand to gather and entice the particles. Sand filters must be backwashed (working the filter in reverse) to take away the water waste. This can be a very handbook course of that have to be executed each few weeks.


Diatomaceous earth is a mined substance used to coat “grids” within the filter. These coated grids seize the impurities. As extra impurities are captured the strain begins to rise. When the strain has risen to the utmost degree, you manually backwash the filter similar to sand filters after which “recharge” it with extra DE powder.


Swimming pool filter cartridges work by permitting water to go via a really wonderful filter floor. This filter floor captures any impurities that try and go via and maintain them till you clear the filter cartridge or change it.

Cartridge filters have extra floor space than sand filters. This permits for fewer clogs and far simpler upkeep. Cartridge filters additionally function at a a lot decrease strain than sand. This causes much less backpressure on the pump so you’ve gotten a higher movement of water via the system.

The swimming pool filter cartridges can filter out something down to five to 10 microns in dimension. To place this in perspective, a single grain of desk salt is about 90 microns in dimension. Something beneath 35 microns is invisible to the bare eye.

Swimming pool filter cartridges are extraordinarily fashionable as a result of they’re very straightforward to take care of and comparatively cheap. Primary cartridge upkeep might be carried out by merely rinsing off your cartridge with a backyard hose or soaking them in detergent. Nevertheless, one of the best ways to make sure a clear and glowing pool is to simply merely change them.

Changing your cartridges could be very straightforward and you do not even want the assistance of an expert. You merely take away and discard the previous filter and change it.

You should definitely get your new filter earlier than you get rid of the previous one. To exchange your swimming pool filter cartridge it’s best to write down the model, the dimensions and the half quantity (if it has one). At all times double examine the cartridge dimensions towards the one that you’re attempt to change. Cartridges are the popular technique of many pool house owners as a result of they’re easy to switch and they’re a really price efficient solution to preserve your pool crystal clear.


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